Submission Format and Procedure


Regular paper submissions to the Software Visualization Symposium are due on Monday, December 16, 2002. Paper submissions should be a maximum 10 pages in length including figures and references. Each paper should include title, authors and affiliations, abstract, keywords, body, and references. For submissions only, please supplement each page by adding a page number at the bottom-center to assist reviewing feedback. Submitted articles longer than 10 pages will not be considered for inclusion at the symposium.

The papers should be typeset as they will appear in the eventual conference proceedings using standard ACM two-column conference format. Please prepare a PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format) version of your manuscript, formatted for 8 1/2" x 11" paper, following the ACM proceedings formats which can be found at Proceedings templates are available in Word, WordPerfect, and LaTeX (v. 2.09 and 2e). For the LaTeX formats, you may use either the standard style or the SIG-alternate style, which is more efficient.

Papers must be in PDF. It is essential that they print without difficulty on a variety of printers using Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5, widely used and available at no cost from Authors must be sure that any special fonts are included, etc. It is the absolute responsibility of the authors to ensure that their submitted paper is in PDF and will print easily. Note that documents containing non-North American or non-European fonts (e.g. Asian fonts) can not be read with the version of Acrobat that we will use and will be used by most reviewers. Please do not use Asian fonts, and verify this by testing with a North American/European version of Acrobat reader (obtainable as above). Something as minor as including a space or punctuation character in a two-byte font can render a file unreadable.

If you do not currently have software to make PDF files, you can obtain shareware software to do this from or as well as commercial software Adobe Acrobat, from

You are encouraged to include full-color figures in your submission. We will later be determining if color figures can be included in the conference proceedings.

Submission Procedure
Papers should be submitted electronically to the official conference submission website, The first step in this process is to go to the web site and create an account. Once an account is created, you can submit one or more papers as often as you wish. Note that for each paper submitted, you must provide a brief statement of the contributions of the work and you must identify one or more subareas of software visualization (from a predefined list) relevant to your paper. Both these items will assist in having the best possible reviewers for the paper. If you encounter any difficulties in using the submission web site, please send email to the Program Chair via

Accompanying videos
Videos that assist reviewers by communicating the contributions made by a paper can accompany a submission. Videos should not exceed 5 minutes in length, and they should be in a digital format capable of being viewed on either a QuickTime or Windows Media Player. To submit a video, first submit your paper. Next, go to the paper attributes page and click "Submit" again. When you have the "Registering Paper" page, select "Upload" and then simply upload the appropriate electronic video file. Note that this will not overwrite your article's regular paper (pdf) submission. The video should show up as a separate item being submitted.


Tutorial proposals of no more than 2 pages (for 90-minute or 3-hour tutorials) should be submitted by January 15, 2003. Include the proposed title, brief description of material, intended audience, assumed background of attendees, and the name, affiliation, contact information (e-mail and phone), and brief biography of speaker(s). An electronic PDF submission is preferred. Please send tutorial submissions directly to the Program Chair via