Saturday, May 14th

Visualization of algorithms 8:30-9:45

  • Algorithm visualization using concept keyboards
    Nelson Baloian, Henning Breuer, Christian Middleton, Wolfram Luther
  • Algorithm Animation using Shape Analysis: Visualising Abstract Executions
    Dierk Johannes, Raimund Seidel, Reinhard Wilhelm
  • Peeking in Solver Strategies Using Explanations
    Mohammad Ghoniem, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Narendra Jussien, Hadrien Cambazard

Visualization of the software development process 10:00-11:40

  • Visual Data Mining in Software Archive
    Michael Burch, Stephan Diehl, Peter Weißgerber
  • CVSscan: Visualization of Code Evolution
    Lucian Voinea, Alex Telea, Jarke J. van Wijk
  • The War Room Command Console [Shared Visualizations for Inclusive Team Coordination]
    Ciaran O'Reilly, David Bustard, and Philip Morrow
  • Visualizing Multiple Evolution Metrics
    Martin Pinzger, Harald Gall, Michael Fischer, Michele Lanza

Visualization with UML 1:10-2:00

  • Visual Specification and Analysis of Use Cases
    R. Venkatesh, Ulka Shrotri, Deepali Kholkar, G. Muralikrishna
  • Towards Modeling Context-Sensitive Interactive Applications
    Jan Van den Bergh, Karin Coninx

Program visualization 2:15-4:00

  • Methodology and Architecture of JIVE
    Paul V. Gestwicki, Bharat Jayaraman
  • Exploiting UML dynamic object modeling for the visualization of C++ programs
    Brian A. Malloy and James F. Power
  • JOVE: Java as it Happens
    Steven P. Reiss, Emmanuel Manos Renieris

Sunday, May 15th

Visualization of parallel and distributed sytems 8:30-9:45

  • Visualizing Structural Properties of Irregular Parallel Computations
    Wolfgang Blochinger, Michael Kaufmann, Martin Siebenhaller
  • Adding Parallelism to Visual Data Flow Programs
    Phil Cox, Simon Gauvin, Andrew Rau-Chaplin
  • Visualization of Mobile Object Environments
    Yaniv Frishman and Ayellet Tal

Layout and graph drawing algorithms for software visualization 10:00-10:50

  • A Space of Layout Styles for Hierarchical Graph Models of Software Systems
    Andreas Noack, Claus Lewerentz
  • Voronoi Treemaps for the Visualization of Software Metrics
    Michael Balzer, Oliver Deussen, Claus Lewerentz


Visualization frameworks and empirical evaluation 1:00-2:15

  • Online-Configuration of Software Visualizations with Vizz3D
    Thomas Panas, Rudiger Lincke, Welf Lowe
  • Towards Understanding Programs through Wear-based Filtering
    Robert DeLine, Amir Khella, Mary Czerwinski, George Robertson
  • On the Use of Visualization to Support Awareness of Human Activities in Software Development: A Survey and a Framework
    Margaret-Anne Storey and Davor Cubranic and Daniel German