08:45 Welcome
09:00 Paper Session:
Software Visualization in Education
(Session Chair: Stephan Diehl)
The Clack Graphical Router: Visualizing Network Software
Dan Wendlandt, Paul Tarjan, Martin Casado, and Nick McKeown
09:30 Narrative Algorithm Animation
Marina Blumenkrants, Hilla Starovisky, and Ariel Shamir
10:00 Experimental Evaluation of Animated-Verifying Object Viewers for Java
Jhilmil Jain, James Cross, Dean Hendrix, and Larry Barowski
10:30 Lightning Talks:
Software Visualization in Education
(Session Chair: Stephan Diehl)
Adding Procedures and Pointers to the ALVIS Algorithm Visualization Software: A Preliminary Design 
Christopher D. Hundhausen, Jonathan L. Brown, and Sean Farley
Novel Algorithm Explanation Techniques for Improving Algorithm Teaching
Andreas Kerren, Tomasz Mueldner and Elhadi Shakshuki
The Effect of Comparison Cueing and Exchange Motion on Comprehension of Program Visualizations
Bina Reed, Philippa Rhodes, Eileen Kraemer, Ashley Hamilton-Taylor, Elizabeth Davis, and Kenneth Hailston
Two-dimensional C++
Johannes Reichardt
WadeIn II: Adaptive Explanatory Visualization for Expressions Evaluation
Tomasz D. Loboda and Peter Brusilovsky
The importance of Interactive Questioning Techniques in the Comprehension of Software Visualizations
Philippa Rhodes, Eileen Kraemer, and Bina Reed
11:00 Morning Tea
11:30 Papers Session:
Algorithm and Program Visualization I
(Session Chair: Eileen Kraemer)
Execution Patterns for Visualizing Web Services
Wim De Pauw, Sophia Krasikov, and John Morar
12:00 Lightning Talks:
Algorithm and Program Visualization I
(Session Chair: Eileen Kraemer)
A Visualization Software for the Network Simplex Algorithm
Thanasis Baloukas and Konstantinos Paparrizos
Visual Snippet Editor
P.R. Giffen, Andree Proulx and Jinsil Boo
Evaluating X3D for use in Software Visualization
Craig Anslow, Stuart Marshall, James Noble and Robert Biddle
Visualized Adaptive Runtime Subsystems
Jeremy Singer and Chris Kirkham
Animation of Control Flow for Low-level Debugging
Hao Liu and Feodor Vainstein
 Metaphor-Based Animation of OO Programs
Jorma Sajaniemi, Pauli Byckling, and Petri Gerdt
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Paper Session:
Algorithm and Program Visualization II
(Session Chair: John Stasko)
Visualizing Live Software Systems in 3D
Orla Greevey, Michel Lanza, and Cristoph Wysseier
14:30 A Data-Driven Graphical Toolkit for Software Visualization
Camil Demetrescu and Irene Finocchi
15:00 Lightning Talks:
Algorithm and Program Visualization II
(Session Chair: John Stasko)
A Transparent Interface to State-Space Search Programs
Steven L. Tanimoto and Stefano Levialdi
A Tool for Visualizing Schemas for Semistructured Data
John Hosking, Nodira Khoussainova and Gillian Dobbie
Lightweight Visualizations for Inspecting Code Smells
Chris Parnin and Carsten Görg
Softwarenaut: Cutting Edge Visualization
Mircea Lungu and Michele Lanza
Intentional MPI Programming in a Visual Development Environment
Donald Pazel and Beth Tibbitts
Time Travelling Animated Program Executions
Ken Kahn
15:30 Afternoon Tea
16:00 Paper Session:
Graphs in Software Visualization
(Session Chair: Michele Lanza)
Holophrasting, Transparency, and Automatic Layout Applied to Control Structures for Visual Dataflow Programming Languauges
Simon Gauvin and Omid Banyasad
16:30 Taxonomy of Algorithm Animation Languages
Ville Karavirta, Ari Korhonen, and Lauri Malmi
17:00 Lightning Talks:
Graphs in Software Visualization
(Session Chair: Michele Lanza)
Evolutionary Layout of UML Class Diagrams
Jurgen Wolff v. Gudenberg, Andreas Niederle, Marc Ebner, and Holger Eichelberger
TrustNeighborhoods: Visualizing Trust in Distributed File Sharing Systems
Niklas Elmqvist and Philippas Tsigas
Towards Empirically Validated Software Architecture Visualization
Jens Knodel, Dirk Muthig, Matthias Naab and Dirk Zeckzer
Evolutionary Layout: Preserving the Mental Map during the Development of Class Models
Susanne Jucknath-John, Dennis Graf, and Gabriele Taentzer
Icon Graphs: Visualizing the Evolution of Large Class Models
Susanne Jucknath-John and Dennis Graf
Drawing Activity Diagrams
Martin Siebenhaller and Michael Kaufmann
Semantic Web Data Visualization with Graph Style Sheets 
Emmanuel Pietriga
17:45 Break
18:30-20:30 Welcome Reception, SoftVis Posters
09:00 Paper Session:
Software Visualization for Software Engineering I
(Session Chair: Steve Reiss)
Using Social Agents to Visualize Software Scenarios
Thomas Alspaugh, Bill Tomlinson, Eric Baumer
09:30 Visual Exploration of Function Call Graphs for Feature Location in Complex Software Systems
Johannes Bohnet and Jürgen Döllner
10:00 Visualization of Areas of Interest in Software Architecture Diagrams
Heorhiy Byelas and Alexandru Telea
10:30 Multiscale and Multivariate Visualizations of Software Evolution
Lucian Voinea and Alexandru Telea
11:00 Morning Tea
11:30 (Session Chair: John Howse)  Joint Keynote: Ron Baecker
12:30 Lunch
14:00 (Session Chair: Margaret Burnett) Joint Session: How to Succeed at SoftVis/VLHCC Research
Margaret Burnett, John Stasko, John Hosking, and the SoftVis/VLHCC audience
15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:30 Paper Session:
Software Visualization for Software Engineering II
(Session Chair: Wim DePauw)
Visualizing Program Execution Using User Abstractions
Steven Reiss
16:00 Mondrian: An Agile Information Visualization Framework
Michael Meyer, Tudor Girba, and Mircea Lungu
16:30 (Session Chair: Carsten Görg) SoftVis Challenge
17:30 Closing